Announcing a Standalone Analytics Platform or Integrated into FIU and/or RE Platforms - a ground-breaking graph analytics - new concept to integrate compliance reporting with global Sanctions Lists, Anti Fraud Lists, PEP, etc. to our AML/CFT platform. Analytics - Graph Analytics (Graphlytics) allow analysts to comb through the mountains of data, looking for relations, schemes, and more.

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Proven Track Record

Over 15 Years of Experience! has been an innovative leader in the field of information security services to the government and financial institutions since the year 2000. Take a look at our capabilities. Let us know how we can help!

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Track Record Platform, the latest release of application platform is a secure, web-based anti-money-laundering and combating the financing of terrorism application platform used by FIUs, REs and Next Generation Analytics for intelligence analysis of financial information. Free demo!

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Together with the United States Embassies in Romania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we invite you to a “Anti-Money-Laundering - Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) event, Straza Forum 2016”, December 6th, 7th and 8th.

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Track Record

AML/CFT Training

Our Support & Maintenance Program offers two types of training and certifications: CAMLOC - Certified Officer of Compliance, and CAMLIA - Certified Investigation Analyst training and certifications.

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Training and Certifaction

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The challenges, the rewards, the future - it's all up to you! Join our team.

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  About Us

We have been an innovative leader in the field of information security services to the global governments, private sector and financial institutions since the year 2000. Read more → about our organization and our past performance.


We provide solutions ranging from custom-built Anti Money Laundering (AML) platform for FIUs, REs, Vizualization platform with Graph Analytics, Security Compliance, Security Configurations, Security Audits, etc. Learn more → about our capabilities, products and services.

  Certification and Training

Learn and join our certification and training program. To remain a CAMLOC certified, ensure that you satisfy the annual training and annual AMF requirements. Get Certified! → or Pay your Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) for CAMLOC or CAMLIA Certification Platform

The is a secure, higly customizable web based platform used by FIUs (Financial Intelligence Unit) analysts and Reporting Entities (RE) for intelligence analytics of financial compliance information. Learn about Platform for FIU, RE and Analytics

  Sanctions Lists Intelligence (SLI)

Sanctions Lists, Anti-Fraud, KYC Integration Capability U.S. Government (Treasury’s OFAC, DoS, DOC/BIS, etc. United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) Moneyval, FATF, FBI, FraudLabs, MaxMind, Custom Lists. Learn more about Platform, SLI and Analytics Platform Screencasts

Our mission is to provide solid Anti Money Laundering products and services and protect client’s financial information systems. For more details, get the application product brochure.

We also provide financial cyber security products and services. Take a look at our capabilities and find out which one best fits your needs!